Common Materials Used by Real Estate Signage Manufacturers and Distributors

While some may believe that real estate signage is an old-fashioned mode of communicating with prospective buyers, this proven method continues to be among the top and most successful advertising methods to use when placing a home for sale on the market. Real estate signage serves as a functional information delivery channel to tell people which homes are for sale, let people know about facilities at the property, and display contact details. These services and features have now been streamlined to include convenient digital signage. Digital signage can be integrated into any size or format and provides real estate professionals with one of the most effective ways to reach their targeted market.

The benefits of real estate signage are evident in the fact that it is a cost-effective and effective medium of communication. Placed in strategic locations, real estate signage lets people know about open houses and offers a great sales opportunity. Signage options have also expanded to include LCD and plasma displays. Placed in more homes for sale every day, these large screen displays are becoming the preferred advertising media for real estate. As the market changes, so do real estate signage trends. In this current economy, buyers are now more selective when buying homes, and real estate signage helps to showcase the property that meets their needs.

Television ads and print advertisements are now taking a back seat to online social marketing and networking. As people have become more savvy and Internet technology has advanced, the old forms of marketing no longer work. Many consumers prefer to interact with real estate agents face to face, but today’s busy lifestyles make that nearly impossible. The traditional real estate signage solution of large posters and large sign is no longer effective, as people are constantly on the go and do not want to spend their precious time reading a newspaper or watching a TV advertisement. With the advent of social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker, the message can be instantly delivered directly to the consumer.

Using signage as a form of direct communication is an important component of marketing. Many consumers would rather receive information in a format that makes sense to them. Many real estate signs use graphics, images, and photos to communicate the desired message to the consumer. This type of real estate signage is more personal and gives the real estate agent a chance to engage the consumer in a conversation that they may not have previously had.

Homeowners associations can play a large role in encouraging homeowners to display real estate signage within their association’s property. There are a number of the homeowner’s association resources where homeowners can place their contact information as well as a simple yet effective message. Large real estate signage on the property side of the homeowners association building also provides a useful and visible advertising option for both the association’s members and prospective buyers. These signage solutions can be placed on the main road leading to the association’s property or inside the property. In addition, there are a variety of real estate signage options that can be used on vacant land that is not part of the association’s development.

Realtor-owned and contractor-owned real estate signs may be created using common materials. For example, real estate sign materials that are most commonly used are corrugated plastic and aluminum. Corrugated plastic and aluminum are lightweight and durable materials that are easy to work with and create professional looking real estate sign advertisements. They are also affordable and last a long time without requiring major maintenance. They are also popular because most real estate sign manufacturers and distributors offer a 30-day money back guarantee.